The Abandoned (2023) Full Movie Watch Online for Free

On New Year's Eve with brilliant fireworks, the lonely Wu Jie drove to the river bank, intending to kill herself, but was interrupted by screams. Wu Jie came to the river and found a swollen female corpse. The corpse seems to be preventing Wu Jie from looking for shortness in the dark. Originally thought it was a simple electric fish accident, after the forensic autopsy, the left ring finger of the deceased's left hand was cut off, and her heart was also dug out! At this time, an anonymous The phone call saved the overwhelmed and clueless police officers and let Wu Jie know the identity of the deceased was a lost migrant worker! He followed the line to find Lin Yousheng. Not only was Lin Yousheng stunned to learn that Wu Jie had brought the news of his girlfriend's death, He was even regarded as the number one suspect in the murder of his girlfriend... "Interpol" and "Illegal Migrant Worker" had to jointly pursue the murderer!